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The wo/anderer in the Peckham shed – was born at harvest time, on a farm in Cumberland and landed in Peckham South London almost 20 years ago (via a boat from the Arctic and a plane from Maine). 

South London’s changed – used to be sleepy and quiet, now its well connected and hopping - so they say. 

But the shed is the same as it ever was, and the wo/anderer continues to draw and write, to learn and to teach. Completing a practiced based PhD - researching drawing in 2011, teaching at Central Saint Martins in the MA Animation department, (feeding the fascination with drawing and narrative -the seen the sensed and the dreamed), and because the wo/anderer had no cue how difficult it would be, writing a film script. After many edits the wo/anderer understood the needed to picture the story. So for the past five years the wo/anderer has been writing and drawing short stories, learning how to weave together text and image and posting the work on Face Book, Instagram and Twitter. But now the wo/anderer has been bitten by the desire to paint again…….(just off now to stretch up some canvas)….making PIF’s (Pictures Inspired by Films) has rekindled a passion for color, mystery and the shaping of imagined places.

The wo/anderer’s website is embarrassingly out of date –it might get sorted soon …perhaps..maybe….or not…..

The Wo/anderer’s work can be seen online at Twitter @watchoutmary and Facebook Maryclare Foa. Instagram Maryclare Foa. You can contact the wo/anderer at


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Matincus by MM Kizi