Strolling of the Heifers


Studio 3

A guy from Brooklyn

I’ve tried to photograph Bernie before, and for a 70 year old he goes at a fair clip!

Here I managed to get in a couple of in-focus shots surrounded as he was by other photographers.

A long-time attendee of The Strolling Bernie gave a short speech on The Common before proceeding to Keene.

Another guy from Brooklyn

At least he can do a Brooklyn accent, and tried to sell me a bridge.

I explained several things about heifers to him, including that they were not fierce.

Brattleboro’s very own

Dairy Godmother

was leading a troop of dancing dairies in the parade

Stay Tuned

Saturday: Here are a dozen or so photos from The Strolling of the Heifers 2015

Sunday: Another dozen or so photos added


15 more


a final 10 photos

The Usual Suspects

seen here making a commentary for BCTV

New Orleans Brass Band

warming up the crowd as they do every year, and to much appreciation


In an interview some time ago if it was true that 50,000 people attended The Strolling. She replied that it was hard to tell, but those were police estimates.

Governor Peter Shumlin

is another long-time attendee of The Strolling.

Blasé in Brattleboro

I said to the attendant ‘no flash’ on my camera, and he replied that the birds were so used to being photographed it wouldn’t matter anyway.

A series of Photos by Marnie Innes

I think my favorite is the little girl, as if to say, what is all this about?

Under The Dragon

Says the I Ching, there are many workers.

Pictured on the morning of the Slow Living Conference preceding The Strolling are 2 principal organizers

Orly Munzing


Martin Langeveld


was the focus of this year’s conference, and naturally food demos were required.

Tavernier Chocolates provided one demo at The River Garden.

Look at their website

New Orleans Brass Band


“look mom, drone!”

The photo-drone was a few hundred feet over Main Street.

Two Distinguished Gentlemen

who found a perfect viewing place by the Stone Church

Here are a few more photos from various stages of the event


& Organiser

Orly Munzing in the parade which lasts an hour, but which fuels all sorts of good causes the whole year round

New Orleans Brass Band

2 more guys in the band

Closely attended by

the other main attraction on Main Street

The Dairy Godmother

en troupe

All around my hat

so many stories here, the cow sculpture for example is about 4 feet tall and on asking if she falls over was told ‘specially weighted feet’

The Slow Living Conference

precedes the Strolling, and some speakers talked about their own books at The Latchis Theater which, together with Marlboro College Graduate School, was also a speaking venue


Mostly group shots of people enjoying themselves in just about perfect weather

Know how you feel

Its probably hot in there, you are thirsty and your arms hurt, but almost done now and see you next year.