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A View Her Own

Mallory Lake

1950 — 2017

I knew Mallory, had some of her paintings, and also had had her to dinner at times. I just heard the news and wanted to say what an incredible change to her art occurred after her visits to Italy. I have included a few of her works here.

A more formal appreciation of her work is provided by WILLIAM BACZEK FINE ARTS—

Vermont artist Mallory Lake uses the landscape as her subject matter.  She has long been inspired by the landscapes of Italy, primarily Tuscany but also the lake regions by Lake Como and of Venice.  Recent work has focused on architecture and interiors, of Italian cafes, the urban landscapes of New York and imagery of vintage steam trains which have been inspired by film noir. Mallory Lake's pastel paintings are created using handmade Sennelier pastels from France on La Carte paper.  Pastel, because it is pure pigment, has a richness, permanence and depth of color not found in any other medium.  The paper is coated with vegetable fibers which give it a "tooth".  This allows the extremely soft pastels to be built up in many layers and produces a rich and buttery surface.

And also from the RICE POLAK Gallery

Providence, Rhode Island

Artist, Mallory Lake's pastel landscapes for which she has become deservedly famous are so eagerly sought by collectors that the artist is hard-pressed to keep up with the demand for her work. Mallory continues to be inspired by the sunny climes of Italy where she explores venues making notes, photo-records and sketches upon which she bases her highly evocative and romantic works. Using handmade pastel sticks which she compounds from French chalk, Lake creates works which are incredibly lush and velvety in texture but it is her approach to and interpretation of her subject matter which draws her ever-increasing following. Her work is all about light, its visual and psychological effects. Her landscapes emerge from the velvety depths of her grounds lit with such dramatic effect that they take on a brooding, dreamlike quality. They are gems, glowing with their own inner light.