overflowingly so

Charles Monette

thoughts dying in clouds

focus within reach

abruptly pushed over edge

thoughts wander, wonder over water

never landing

burning out

cosmic relatedness

all relates to all after all

random stirrings of memory

mind soaring, soaring beyond

imagination gliding

a splash of color scalds the earth

inspiration’s shaking foundations

stirring up rough dirt

far flung falling… an abysmal feeling

unreliable winds pelting exalted thoughts

blowing tree tops… life’s fluctuating fray

jump startled by thunder’s explosive cracks

vaulting over reckless danger

assiduously revised

I come to you… a spur to writing

Other voices

Charles Monette

March winds have quieted

Too soggy to blow

They sigh away to churn the sea

Listening for words of beauty

Some never heard before

Looking, hearing for a different way

Forsythia’s early yellow

Bell-shaped flowers, shrubs of an Olive family

Offer easy to appreciate full throttled blooms

Counting on spring to lift the gloom

Renew assurance with each green grass blade

It’s a young loving time of year

Moody moods’ last brood dissipates

To a chickadee’s call

Rivers swell muddy with snow’s last white

Something to remember me by

Winter’s baton passes grudgingly

Robins perch proudly, atomic tangerine

Did we expect any other?

Coming down with the rain

Wet showers circling… soaking a tree

Lichen brighten, stamp okay

Blue purple crocus open to day

This spring’s beauty ever slightly unlike

Ice floes slow

Charles Monette

Ice floes slow, a meditative pace

snow fringed, white edged circled upon the river

some big as all outdoors… shaped like continents adrift

melting atop… daystar’s penetrating rays also deeply felt

currently moving down river

till finally vanishing, becoming one with the waterway

smaller chunks, little snowbergs slip by… side by side

slandering in the sun

seemingly moving to end faster, to add to the deep

begun perhaps as ice shockles way up north

or frozen on a neighborhood bank

southwardly… slowly flowing southwardly, a push pull to the sea

look… an ice raft rafting, broke loose from the shore

reminders of  Arctic collapsing firns,

neve no longer, never more to be

earth’s frozen waters flowing precipitously

I watch sipping coffee, an uneasy tranquil stare

pleased to see them moving, knowing Spring will soon be here

Venus Smiled

Charles Monette

3 straight years, Earth is getting hotter

3 records set in a row

NOAA cooking the books

NO Antartic, Artic melting away

Chinese plot… I think not… do they want waterproof?

feel the swelter, helter skelter… Phalodi… Africa 123.8 degrees

drought, starvation,… no water to grow to drink

emissions of heat trapping gases, greenhouse gases

carbon monoxide

planetary warning planetary warming

threat to the natural world

El Nino swoops in… hot energy, water vapors release

2016 the hottest year 3 straight records in a row

trouncing past records, rising temperatures warm the globe

our constantly changing planet

Artic oceans 20-30 degrees above normal last Fall

seas ice sunset

startlingly rapid coastal erosion

some connectivity… an accelerated era

hot data records 3rd straight in a row

do you feel it?


cold water, hot water, no water, high waters, waterboarding

water color, waterfowl, waterway, waterworks, waterlogged

water pollution, waterproof, waterfront, waterfall

watertight, water under the bridge, water cannon

water wiping out the bridge Waterloo, water,

water everywhere, nary a drop to drink 

war-uh, watery, water



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