Darkest Vermont
November 28 2017: Let’s compare three things between Malibu, CA, and Brattleboro, VT, or the richest and meanest place in America with the poorest county in Vermont though the most generous.

(1) Median cost of housing in Malibu is $3,422,500, in Brattlboro it is $165,000.

  1. (2)The median list price per square foot in Malibu is $1,125, whereas in Brattleboro it is $84 per square foot.

  2. (3) Malibu has just banned churches from feeding the hungry, whereas in Brattleboro there are two community kitchens providing free hot meals Mon-Fri, and Loaves and Fishes, the one I work at also supports 40 children at a daycare center with weekend meals. Incidentally we are interested in one person who would like to join that program for a couple of hours on Friday morning. Email me: vtviewsinnes@gmail.com

November 15 2017: An unfortunate statistic has emerged about our town — Brattleboro has per-capita the worst pedestrian accident record in the entire United States. It’s not just people flying up Interstate 91 and flying at only just reduced speed through the old brick town, it also has to do with pedestrians who like to dress in black and wonder around the roads after dark. I was not convinced that the second of these reasons was actually true, or in out of proportion to bull-dozing two-ton SUVs from New Jersey — the driver consulting a GPS or cell phone or both — but the other morning on the way to the Community Kitchen I encountered the phenomena, twice. The first time was someone crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing, but not straight across, more at 45 degrees, and dressed in black pants and a black hoodie. The second was an early cyclist belting along the sidewalk where I was about to cross, no lights on the bike. I was relating this in the kitchen 10 minutes later to my colleague when she said she almost bulldozed a black-cladded figure by the Retreat crossing the road not at the pedestrian crossing, and if the figure had not been carrying a shiny coffee mug it would have be another pedestrian biting the dust. For those not familiar with the town ‘The Retreat’ used to be called ‘The Vermont Asylum for the Insane’, except evidently for the hour of the day, these dark flâneurs were staff.